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Where To Look For Customers For Your Copywriting Business

Deciding to become a freelance copywriter is a major step. To ensure it’s a longterm move you will have to find plenty of clients, which can be difficult task when first launching your business. It can take months, if not a few years, to grow a stable customer base to keep your profits at a stable level. So you need to make sure you have sufficient money to survive half a year before you get started and you never cease marketing yourself and searching for clients.

Here are some of the ways you can get paying customers for your freelance business:

Contact local agencies which use freelance copywriters

Local marketing and website development agencies can be a goldmine of freelance copywriting assignments paid at a high rate of pay.. Since they are larger companies they are going to naturally manage larger businesses and brands than you would be likely to connect with as a self employed copywriter on your own. Whilst the bigger agencies might already have copywriters internally, many of the smaller ones will likely outsource business copywriting agency work to a pool of local copywriters to keep their headcount and costs down.

Attending face to face business networking functions

With competition for customers online leading to salaries to drop dramatically, the most sensible strategy is to hunt for clients in your local area. Business owners naturally prefer to do business with those they’ve met in the real world. So you should be getting out there, shaking hands and meeting local business leaders at every opportunity.

If you check with your local Chamber of Commerce or business support organisations you will probably find an active business networking scene in your neighbourhood. These networking events are usually hosted over an early morning breakfast in a local restaurant or in local hotel function room.

You may find that many networking events charge an entrance fee for attendance, which normally includes refreshments and food. It is, however, usually possible to find odd events you can attend without having to pay. You could even consider arranging an event on your own through websites like Facebook, Meetup or LinkedIn. Simply schedule a networking get together and then invite people in your local business community to participate and then to invite their business contacts.


Whereas Facebook is for fun, LinkedIn is focused on business. Rather than party photos, Farmville and posting witty comments, people use LinkedIn as a professional networking tool to connect with people they’ve worked with and people they would like to. So it’s a wise decision to get involved by setting up a user profile and engaging with colleagues you’ve worked with previously and people you would like to work with in the foreseeable future.

A sensible starting point is linking with work colleagues from your previous positions to build your network. It’s also possible to use LinkedIn to identify small businesses in your local area that might call for your skills and who you can approach for freelance assignments.

Cold calling

Contacting by phone companies looking for work might sound like a daunting task. It might be annoying, but getting in touch with local firms that could need a copywriter is more effective than merely sending mountains of emails. Sending unrequested e-mail is not likely going to get the result you want, unless you wish to irritate people and be classed a spammer. Making the effort to pick up the phone, on the other hand, gives you the chance to discuss your copywriting services in a more human manner that can build a relationship and give you the opportunity of securing some freelance copywriting work.

As a freelance worker you simply can’t afford to take it easy and wait for enquries to appear in your email inbox. So rather than sit at home awaiting the phone to ring or perhaps for people to find your web-site and contact you, keep promoting your buisiness to local firms to grow your client base and salary.

How You Can Launch A Freelance Copywriting Business

Think you possess a smooth writing style? Do you like utilizing words to convince folks to your way of thinking, and also to make use of writing in a manner that will make subjects intriguing and compelling?

If that’s the case, you might have the opportunity to earn a living as a freelance writer for businesses. The ability to write well is an important part of the job. If you cant spell competently or even understand standard grammar then clients aren’t gonna be particularly motivated with your writing. Having said that, you don’t need the writing talent of Dickens or even Chaucer to generate a career as a writer for businesses.

Truth be told, those people who are really good at composing short stories might be bad copywriters. Frequently, they are a little too enthusiastic about impressing people and also enchanting them with their artistic writing rather than pay attention to their writing’s crucial aim: selling.


To have success being a freelance copywriter, the most crucial expertise you need are to appreciate exactly what drives readers, to acquire a fascination with a variety of subjects along with, naturally, be able to write clearly along with clearly. These types of skills are all essential attributes you really need to be a successful copywriter.

How come? Simply because you need to be able to intermix all of them to get results at crafting copywriting that will sell. Whether you are writing about wedding decorations or home business computer software, you should be equipped to establish a detailed knowledge of what exactly the product does and in what ways it benefits people.


Copywriting is referred to as salesmanship in print. Its objective isn’t to amuse but to persuade readers that purchasing your product or service is definitely the clever thing to do, and also bring in tons of sales for your hirer at the same time.

You need to be willing to do a lot of research, which will involve examining all of the readily available product data, talking to clients and customers along with assessing competition. You then have to have a seat and assess the product or service’s benefits over the other options on the market. For what reasons is it distinctive? What sort of complications will it resolve? As well as, most of all, why should people purchase the product.

After you’ve done your analysis and figured out exactly why prospects should buy the product or service, then you certainly need to work out how to organize the sales proposition into a engaging argument. This involves knowledge of the things that motivate readers, what problems they would like to solve or perhaps stay away from and also the reasons why would they decide to pay for your product or service.

Then, after you’ve clarified these issues and also carried out every one of the preparatory steps, you must take a seat and write the sales letter or online site page. This is where your income is earned and vindicate the great prices that freelance writer for businesses can charge. In reality learning how to put all of your thoughts and notes into written text can be quite challenging. You may practically devote your life enhancing the ability of selling via written words. Mercifully there are plenty ofcopywriting books and copywriting courses on the market to assist you, and never ever forget that nobody became a world class copywriter overnight!

The art and science of copywriting

Detective study

THE actual practice of SEO copywriting involves creating copy that contains carefully selected keywords. This is not as easy as it sounds, though. An effective copywriter knows that the first goal is to make a compelling copy. It means understanding the basic intent: Should this copy incite visitors to register and buy a product? Encourage them to hire the services of a copywriter to promote the site? Click to another page? A good copywriter knows how to work his way around keywords and convert them into effective copy — much like an artist works brushes and canvas into a masterpiece. I have selected four links to share with you for today’s installment of our freelance copywriting blog series. Enjoy!

6 Ways to Make Your Website Faster, More Flexible

Many of us have experience with sites that can be slow to make changes on things as simple as title tags. This slowness causes more problems than you may even realize, and will be one major factor in the future of SEO and all of your e-commerce success. You still need great content, good copywriting, good marketing ideas, and more to have a successful site. But everything you want to do with your online presence can be made better when you are fast and nimble. A fast, flexible site is more forgiving of bad decisions when good ones can be rolled out soon.

3 Ways to get “Back to the Basics” of SEO copywriting

Has the hustle-bustle of the holiday season put you over the edge? This has been a year of change … my head is certainly spinning. Heck, some days I’m unable to distinguish a Penguin from a Panda! Life often gets complicated and overwhelming during the Christmas holiday season. As you wind down the year and think about your New Year’s resolution, consider keeping it simple. Heather takes us “Back to the Basics” with three fundamental SEO copywriting how-to videos. Watch and be reminded how sticking to the basics of SEO copywriting can improve your business in 2013.

Simple tips to Maximize Your SEO Copywriting Results

SEO copywriting is nothing more than writing for the search engines. Put more simply, it’s writing for the internet while keeping your mind on your prospects as well as the search engines. What you’re doing is creating content for a site that makes sense to readers and also acts to raise your search engine rankings. This is not to be confused with keyword stuffing. You can’t just take your original copy from your site and then throw in some keywords wherever you want. The main concept of SEO copywriting is that today’s search engines rank pages higher that have original content and that are also updated on a regular basis. To reach both of these goals, you need to use SEO copywriting methods

Are You Using This Copywriting “Silver Bullet”?

I can tell you from experience that without fail, one of the most common reasons websites suffer from a low conversion rate is because they fail to make a statement.  There’s no “push” – no energy and no interest in the offer. So how do you grab your readers’ attention when they’re in that scrolling and scanning state of mind?  You hit ‘em with bullets!  When used correctly, copywriting bullets slice through your buyer’s defenses and get them off the fence and actively engaged in your content. But so many people stop short of turning ordinary “here’s how it helps you” bullets into extraordinary “I’ve GOT to have this” bullets.

 Thanks for reading this blog. Stay tuned for more informative tips in the next chapter of our copywriting series.

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Great copywriting focuses on the customer

Senior business woman excited

SO the question is: what is copywriting? Well, in layman’s terms, copywriting is writing for the purpose of selling or promoting a service or product. Your ultimate aim is to have the customer read your sales page from top to bottom, click on the “buy now” or “add to cart” button or link and buy your service or product. Now, how you will be able to make them click and buy your service or product is all up to you. There’s no one sure way that works all the time. So much depends on who you are targeting. That is why plenty of different types of ads and sales letters can do the trick. The secret is determining which one will work best for the audience you are trying to capture. Check out these four links and learn various kinds of copywriting tactics:

Simple Time Management for Copywriters – Stop Multitasking, It’s Bad For You…

In the US this week they have ‘Single-Tasking Day’. The whole idea is to do one task at a time during day and stop multitasking for once in your life. See the thing is, according to experts, multitasking could well be bad for you. In fact, studies from University of Michigan and UCLA indicate Multi-tasking forces our brains to continually perform “Task Switching” which makes our brains work harder with less efficiency.  Some researchers believe this could even cause brain damage! So sorry ladies, but us guys had it right all along! Now Single-Tasking Day is meant to help us focus on one activity at a time.

Great copywriting focuses on the customer

There?s a lot of bad website copywriting out there. Whether it?s government sites suffocating in unintelligible jargon, B2B websites barking at visitors with corporate claptrap or lazy websites using copy from the corporate brochure, too many websites fail to address the customer in a language they understand and want to listen to.
The fact is that people?s expectations of business websites are changing. They go online to find answers to questions and solutions to problems. Not to hear a shallow sales pitch. In this digital age, it is the businesses providing the best quality content that will attract the most visits, clicks and clients. In other words, websites focused on the needs of the customer.

more website copywriting tips

Great News LIVE From the B2B Copywriting Trenches

I’ve always known it’s a promising field for anyone who likes to write copy for businesses that sell to other businesses and professionals, such as suppliers to the medical industry.

But after reading some just-released info a colleague sent me yesterday, I nearly leapt out of my chair with a giant WHOOP-WHOOP! A new report reveals that B2B marketers are “getting” the value of content as a powerful marketing tool. They’re finding that quality content can attract more prospects to their businesses and turn them into customers. As copywriters, that’s good news for us. Let’s look at the details.

Copywriting for Semantic Search

A lot of people seem to want to know what the best way is to write in order to maximize the benefit from semantic search. So rather than sit on the secret, I decided to share it here. But first, let’s talk a little about what exactly semantic search is. Semantic Search: There’s a lot of confusion about what semantic search is, strangely enough. Some people seem to want to paint it as some sort of a dark art. They give it new names, assign mystical powers to it, liken it to artificial intelligence… while others over-simplify it, claiming that it’s nothing more than an index of synonyms – that semantic analysis is still out of man’s reach.

Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Great Writing

He’s the brains behind FX’s hit show Justified. He wrote the novel that became the hit movie with Danny DeVito and John Travolta, Get Shorty. He has 8 million books in print. He’s Elmore Leonard, the crime novelist that gets respect in the serious, patched-elbow, pipe-smoking literary world. (My stereotype may be dated, but hopefully, you get the idea.) He’s 86 and still writing two pages a day.  I would call that “going strong.” So, he’s not a copywriter, but he sure as hell knows something about writing.

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Nobody said copywriting was easy

iStock_000006257870XSmall - Copy

HERE is another set of links plus a video that I would like to share with you in our copywriting blogging series. Let me start off by saying that anybody can study copywriting for years and still not know all there is to know about it. For my part, I learn new stuff everyday and I have been writing my own sales and ad copies for year now. Fortunately, there have already been a good number of people who believe in what I do and that just makes me want to improve more and do more. Copywriting can be a bit of challenge for many people, so do not expect that this blogging series can make you an expert overnight. There is a lot to learn, and I hope that the tips below can help you improve your online copywriting techniques as well.

Copywriting tips – benefits of blogging

It’s becoming more and more beneficial to keep a regular company blog, but for many businesses, it simply isn’t a priority. In this post, I’m going to provide a brief overview on some of the benefits of blogging, and how it  can give your business a real competitive advantage by building your reputation, increasing online visibility and helping you to connect with customers.

A blog is your chance to teach visitors to your website about your industry, products and services. Blog posts can take many forms – in addition to opinion pieces, you can answer frequently asked questions, challenge misconceptions, and provide news about your business.

A client-focused copy style guide

Let’s be fair, few customers are professional writers and few hire one when making a web site. That is why I now include professional copywriting into every estimate as a non-removable item. When customers are adding their own copy to a site, I give them ten simple tips to follow. While SEO is important to get visitors to your site through search-engines, it is also important to give them the best reading experience when they arrive. Keep your copy short and focused. Keep repetition to a minimum, particularly of your company name. Above all, keep your copy short, content-rich and free from hard-sell or marketing speak.

20 Simple Tips for Writing a Blog Post that Begs to be Read

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire article. The reality though is that the headline is just the start!… you want your visitor to stay and  read the whole article rather than bounce out to another website in an era of ‘click and go’. We live in the age of ever decreasing attention and the art of keeping the reader engaged has now become an ongoing creative and scientific experiment of verbal and visual seduction.

SEO copywriting 101: A guide for clients

Whether you’re hiring copywriters in-house, or outsourcing to freelancers,  finding and working with SEO copywriters can be challenging – and a little bit scary, too. First, you have to find the “perfect person” who will make your Web copy sing. Once you’ve found the perfect person, you have to give them direction, evaluate their content and make sure that it’s right for your site.

If you don’t know SEO, the entire process is confusing. How can you figure out who to hire? How do you get the SEO content quality you need? If you need to hire a copywriter, this guide is for you. Here’s what to do.

It gives me great pleasure to help other people and their business to grow and succeed. To know more about what I do, kindly visit my online copywriter site and I’ll be happy to be of service to you.

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Feeding the internet’s demand for great marketing writers

man analysing website structure schema on the whiteboard

WHETHER you are an aspiring playwright, novelist or screenwriter, or just an avid reader, try copywriting and turn your passion for words into a money-making career as a professional copywriter. With the rapid growth of the internet, the demand for good copywriters who can create effective advertising has risen.  And because a huge number of businesses across all niches require a competitive marketing content, copywriting is a smart career move. Freelance copywriters work from the comforts of their own home, giving them the freedom they need to work on other tasks. Think about what you could do with all those extra hours, not to mention extra money! Click on the four links below and find out how you can participate in this growing industry…

Copywriting Advice: how to communicate with great copy to win business

Copywriting gets the word out about your business. Copywriting helps you to sell in many media: postal mail, email, print, radio, TV, and the Web. Few businesses use all the marketing options available to them. Communicate more, and you’ll sell more. In the past, businesses could restrict their presence to one or two channels – TV and radio, for example. Nowadays, the more channels you use, the more customers you get and the more sales you make.In this Copywriting Advice section of the site, you’ll find information how great copywriting helps your business.

Want to Save the Media? Get Ad Writers Who Can Write

People often blame disruptive technologies for the decline of the advertising industry, and the media industry that relies on it. But the real problem, Michael Wolff writes in USA Today, is that ads in every medium have become less persuasive, and Wolff thinks he knows why: “There are no writers in advertising anymore. Johnny who can’t write has gone into advertising.” According to one media consultant, today’s so-called copywriters avoid the written word at all costs, and their attempts at it tend to produce “scary, semi-literate gibberish.” Today’s ad men seem convinced that all that matters are visuals, but great campaigns almost always revolve around text.

Web and keyword copywriting news

Writing website content that performs well in search engines but also reads naturally to customers is a challenge. Copywriting for the web strikes a difficult balance between using the right keywords for higher search engine rankings and effective sales messages to make your web site compelling to potential customers. Good design alone won’t convince customers to enquire or buy through your site – it is often the words that compel them to stay on a site or make contact. Companies are generally used to seeking professional advice on the design and coding of websites, but neglect to employ professional web copywriters to adapt their off-line content for a web audience.

Five Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin A Company’s Website

No matter how brilliant a website’s design, no matter how elegant its navigation, sooner or later visitors will decide whether to take action because of something they read. In the end, the effectiveness with which a website converts visitors hinges on words. If a new website is going to hit all the right notes, its content must be just as well crafted as its design and programming. However, as you might imagine, there are many ways to go wrong with content in a Web development project. The errors discussed in this article have the potential to undo a website.

Creativity, imagination and a good ounce of research and study are among the basic “ingredients” of effective website copywriting. Click here to visit my copywriting site and learn more.

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Getting started as a copywriter roundup

IF you have finally made up your mind to become a freelance copywriter, you can also research advertising firms for potential assignments but do not ignore the small companies that do not have long-term agency needs or cannot afford an agency retainer. As a new freelance copywriter, you have a totally unique path to take to start up your freelance copywriting career.  You will be your own boss (which is what many people today dream of!), sales team, marketing department and copywriter so that means you’ll have a separate list of “things to do” before you can hang out your shingle.  And once you have decided that you want to become a copywriter, stay on course and be patient.

Check out these links including a video to learn the ropes of copywriting:

Three Insights into… Sales Copywriting

Today communicating your sales message to your potential customers in a clear and effective way is even more important given the variety of advertising platforms available online. Good sales copywriting can make the difference between keeping someone’s attention so they read and understand your message and want to take action, or skip away without even bothering to read past the first few lines. That decision to stay or go is taken within 10 seconds! So what are the key elements of a good sales letter? Paul Harrison sat down with copywriting expert Gillian Fox to get some of her insights on this topic.

Basic Copywriting Tips for Beginners

Are you a beginner in the copywriting field? Do you want to start writing copy for yourself or do you just want to know how to communicate your needs to an outside copywriter? In this article you’re going to find out the secrets of basic copywriting. You can use this article as a starting point in understanding basic copywriting. Define your target audience. Do not start writing before you find out who your target audience are. Imagine you are talking to just one person in your copy. This means your copy needs to be conversational and responds to the needs, questions and objections that a person may have.

Finding Inspiration for Web Page Copywriting

The thoughtful copywriter might treat this as a storyboard exercise. The first step is usually a written outline of headings, arranged in a logical order, scribbled on a notepad, perhaps with some cryptic notes. I often have several sets of notes on different topics fermenting away on my desk. Once one has fleshed itself out sufficiently, I will write those headings into a WordPress post draft. I then go through, and make additional explanatory notes in each section, gradually filling in the blank spots within the copy. It may take me several days to complete a 1,500-word article, because I find letting the subconscious work on it delivers better dividends than trying to rush the creative process.

Google’s update “decimates copywriting”

Google is being accused of ‘decimating the copywriting trade’ after its latest update to its search algorithm dramatically shrunk the number of freelance writing jobs. In its quarterly labour report, blamed the search giant’s Panda update for ‘wreaking havoc’ on internet copywriters, content fillers and ghost-writers. The search engine’s update, designed to control ‘low quality content’ – often a pastiche of existing stories, SEO-friendly topics and keywords, wiped out 1,300 copywriting jobs. also claimed the stock of ghost-writing jobs fell by 12% – representing 435 jobs – and Article Submission roles plummeted by 29% – equating to the loss of 2,011 jobs.

Stay tuned for the latest information on copywriting, and posts rounding up some of the best copywriting tips and advice from around the web.

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The challenges of being a online copywriter

COPYWRITING can be a bit daunting for rookie and aspiring salesmen and advertisers, but it’s among the most important elements of a business campaign – whether in radio, TV or print landscape or on the internet. The method in which you strategically conceive the words that will carry your service or product and ultimately build the link with your target audience is both an art and science for every copywriter.

Find out the best copywriting practices and learn new insights on how to easily create convincing stories that will attract attention, response and action the way you want with the links below: 

10 Tips, Tools and Resources for Online Copywriters

Choosing what to write about on your blog or website pages is a huge topic – so much so that we’ve dedicated an entire post to the subject – but there are a couple of simple approaches that will never go out of style. The first is to simply write about whatever’s making headlines in your industry, or your client’s industry if you’re ghost-writing for a corporate blog. Look out for mentions of the relevant industry in the news, or for new campaigns launched by unions and professional associations, and write a response or opinion piece. Secondly, get involved in discussions on Twitter and other social networks, and blog about the issues other people are talking about.

Writing ability could be hereditary

Kingsley and Martin Amis, the Waugh family, the Brontës – it’s easy to list authors and writers who have followed members of their families into the profession. But is it coincidence or could there be a scientific reason behind their career choice? Noticing the large number of writer-rich families, researchers at Yale and Moscow State Universities have attempted to find out if creative writing ability is indeed hereditary. They asked hundreds of children aged eight to 17 and their parents to write stories on particular themes. These stories were scored on their originality, plot development and quality, sophistication and creative use of prior knowledge.

Rare Opportunity to Profit from the Words of an Amazing Copywriter

Jimmy is the guy John Carlton turned over his biggest clients to when John moved on to other things. Jimmy currently has over 100 controls going and is a partner in 2 multimillion-dollar companies… because, as he put it last month, “they got tired of writing me a $20,000 check every time they needed a new ad.” (Yeah, he’s that good. And his copy makes clients so much more money than his fee is.) Wednesday night (10-10-12) at 8 pm Eastern, Jimmy will spill the beans on how he puts direct mail letters together. And video sales letters. And Web page sales letters.

Website copywriter wins premier national financial copywriting project

Although a national body, the FLA is a powerful voice in the industry worldwide. So, when the FLA decided to completely revamp their website to make it more accessible to both consumers and trade organizations, they decided to appoint a specialist copywriter to help with the overhaul. Website copywriter, Len Smith of Copywriting On Demand was delighted to be chosen. “I do a lot of financial copywriting,” says Len, “including the annual Global Leasing Report. Nevertheless, it was especially rewarding to work with such an august body. It was fascinating adopting two very different styles, one for the trade the other for consumers.

Writing online copywriting that converts can be very challenging, but given the right tools and a good amount of practice it can greatly help save the business.

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Why great copywriting is more than mere website window dressing


Web copywriters are trained professionals. They know how to get responses and results from their clever use of words. When partnered with effective SEO tactics, online copywriters can provide content that not only engages with visitors but attracts new ones as well. The skills of a good web copywriter can build an experience that will help establish lasting client connections, and consequently a website’s quality is judged  largely by the quality of its copywriting.

Check out these three posts for more information on the role of copywriting in promoting a business’ expertise, knowledge and credibility.

Persuasive copywriting 3: Consistency

Copywriters, of course, aren’t in a dialogue with those they wish to persuade. But they can still ask questions that encourage the reader to commit to a position, albeit mentally, and use that commitment as the basis for a persuasive message. In the film Boiler Room, there’s a great scene where Ben Affleck’s character exhorts his trainee stockbrokers to sharpen up their phone selling. He implores them to ask any question, however rhetorical or ridiculous, just to get a ‘yes’ from the prospect. ‘If you were drowning and I threw you a lifejacket, would you grab it? Yes! Do you want 30–40% returns? What’s he going to say?’

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Top 5 Books for Copywriters

Copywriting isn’t easy. There are certain rules to follow, words to use and it’s a talent you have to develop over time. These books will help you hone your copywriting skills and move toward a successful copywriting career. 1. Words That SellBy Richard Bayan, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0809247992 – Can’t seem to find the right words to truly capture your target audience? This book is a library of buzz words you can use in sales letters, direct mail, print ads, commercials and more.

Find out more:

You Might Be a Copywriter if…

Look around and you’ll probably notice something with copy on it — an ad, a brochure, an e-mail, a Web site. Now ask yourself who wrote it. Was it written by a crack copywriter working at a trendy Madison Avenue ad agency? Or a busy marketing manager at a major corporation? Or a small business owner wearing, among many, the copywriter’s hat? Or a freelance writer living just down the street? The answer could very easily be any of the above. Agency copywriters — those who work at advertising, marketing, or public relations agencies or media or content development companies — often scribe the mass campaigns you see in glossy magazines or on television.

Read more:

There a are plenty of great ideas out there today that we can greatly benefit from if we want to enhance our own copywriting techniques. Remember to check back next week for another roundup of great copywriting posts from around the web.

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Roundup of posts on Copywriting tasks and careers

Many web copywriters are also talented in technical writing. Their talents can be used to craft product brochures that effectively describe advantages and features in complicated terms that a technically minded audience understands.

An informative product brochure can be a valuable client- generation tool, and can also boost rankings when crafted with SEO focused content. Reaching new clients with brochures is a talent within the reportoire of every skilled web copywriter.

Let’s check out today’s list of interesting posts on how a company’s product and service can be best promoted through the use of a skilled copywriter.

Corporate Jobs

While being an ad agency copywriter is filled with late nights, client meetings, brainstorming sessions, and fancy award shows, working as a staff writer for a corporation is a little more sedate.

As a staff writer in a company, you can expect to be an important part of the marketing, communications, or PR team. While the more glamorous projects usually get handled by the ad agencies, you’ll be asked to write things that are equally interesting, such as brochures, Web pages, customer letters, press releases, e-mails, landing pages, articles, speeches, newsletters, and more.

Find out more:

How to Write Effective Headlines – Copywriting Tips for Designers and Non-Writers

You can create curiosity by asking a provocative question or making a seemingly outrageous statement. Word play, alliteration, or take-offs on familiar phrases or cliches can create some eye-catching and often amusing headlines. However, avoid ambiguoity or at least use eyebrows, subheads, or decks (smaller headlines above or below the main headline) to clarify or explain. If your reader has to guess at what you mean or at what the article or ad is all about, they’ll be saying, “I guess you don’t want me to read this article.” Some examples of word play, alliteration, and take-offs:

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Ingredients of Highly Successful Copy

Writing copy is a lot like making pancakes. You have to make sure you have all the right ingredients! If you miss the baking powder or oil, for example, your pancakes will be flat and tasteless. Copy-writing is similar. If you forget to bring the benefits to life or build belief, your copy just won’t work. That’s why it’s important to mix all the right ingredients, in just the right proportions, to create a winning advertisement, brochure, Web page, flyer, or other persuasive piece.

Find out more:

Climbing the Ladder

On the agency side, the career track for copywriters is fairly well defined. After a few years as a copywriter — or even just a few months if you’re a fast-rising star — you can expect your pay to increase and your job title to change to something like senior copywriter. Eventually, you may become the copy chief managing a team of writers. If you’re really ambitious, you might even climb to the top of the agency heap and become the creative director — a senior executive supervising an entire creative staff of writers, designers, art directors, producers, and production coordinators.

Read more:

I will share with you more informative and helpful tips on great copywriting in the week’s ahead.

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